About Dr Sarah Keir

The professional bit!

Dr Sarah Keir BVMS (Honours) PGCertSAM (Distinction) MRCVS

RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine.

Hi, My name is Dr Sarah Keir and I graduated from the University of Glasgow vet school in 2002 with Honours. After a few years of being a ‘James Herriot’ type vet, wrestling cows and sheep, I moved location and species to pets and decided to study a particular area in more depth and so completed a certificate in medicine in 2016. I am an RCVS registered Advanced Practitioner in medicine which means I am accredited to have particular knowledge and experience in my designated field. I also must keep up to date with new developments and have an increased requirement for ongoing training. You can read more here.

I love ultrasound – I call it the ‘dark arts’ as it is performed in a darkened room and has an air of mystery over the black and white images. I had originally wanted to do an ultrasound certificate but they didn’t exist when I was looking. However, I came to realise that every medicine case needed an ultrasound examination at some point and doing a medicine certificate let me work-up the tricky medicine cases that I love. The only real way to learn about ultrasound and get good at it is to practice lots. I have been on my ultrasound and medicine journey for over 10 years and I love learning more about these topics everyday.

The Personal Bit!

I’ve been a vet for 20 years and I can’t imagine a better profession to work in – I still love it! I love learning new things and sharing my knowledge with colleagues. My passion is helping people in veterinary sphere to give their best selves. I love bringing the art into medicine, both literally and figuratively, hence the company name VetArtis – it is the latin root of the words craftmanship and artisan, not just art, and I choose it because it instils what I feel can be missing from veterinary services. The science is important but just as import is the art of veterinary medicine. I may be an Advanced Practitioner but not every case needs or wants ‘gold-standard.’

One of the most important aspects of my job for me is that I can help nurture the bond between pet carer and their pet because from experience I know what a special gift this is. My cat, Brian, does not let me forget this everyday!

My pets are currently Queen Bea, a crazy working cocker spaniel, and Brian, a rescue tabby and white moggy. Outside of work you can find me in the kitchen, usually baking, or my craft room where I turn my hand to any craft, currently needle-felting and hand embroidery. I love being outside and in nature so walking and camping are also important to me.