Why Use VetArtis?

  • Having a peripatetic vet visiting your practice is convenient and flexible, with book on-demand service for when you need it which is cost-effective – no need for ongoing subscription costs, no need to invest in a high-end ultrasound machine (my ultrasound machine cost over £25,000) and the time and expense of staff training when it will be sitting unused for most of the time.
  • I provide support for less experienced vets with difficult cases. I provide a clinical interpretation with each ultrasound performed and work with the case vets to take the case forward with diagnostics and treatment. This is why I call the practices I work with partner practices – I work with your vets to help the pets.
  • This service keeps the case in-house rather than losing it to referral and provides an extension of your services to clients, thereby partner practices keep the client bond and retention of business.
  • Provides added value to your clients and is convenient for them as they know how to get to your practice, and they know your team.
  • The service I provide is different from referral to a referral centre – appointments with me are likely to be much quicker than over-subscribed referral centre and I don’t have a waiting list; I am flexible to fit around practice and client needs for bookings; referral centres mostly don’t offer out-patient services so when a case is referred it is lost in its entirety.
  • A professional, thorough service, not just an ultrasound technician. Added value of helpful reports and case discussion with your vets to allow them to take the case forward with diagnostics and treatment – your vets learn and grow too through the collaboration. Through the partnership your clients remain with your vets.
  • Free CPD for your vets – they are intimately involved in their cases throughout and are welcome to watch the scans. I can also provide more structured CPD.
  • I’m friendly, approachable and helpful!