How does this work?

If you are interested, then please sign up to VetArtis as a Partner Practice or email me at I can then give you access to the Partner Practice parts of the website where you will find information to pass to clients in advance, my pricing structure, terms and conditions, pre-visit checklist and the consent form for clients to sign.

If you need to book me then please use the form on the website here. If your request is for an emergency visit then please ring or send a text to Sarah on 07421320662 leaving your practice name and contact number (and complete the booking form). If your request is an emergency and you do not hear back from me within 2 hours then please assume I cannot help at this time and find alternative help.

After filling in the form, you will receive an email confirming the date and time of your booked visit.

There is a checklist to make sure everything is in place for my visit. I require:

  • A quiet dark room with a consultation sized table, a chair or stool and an electricity power point.
  • An assistant to restrain the animal and if sedated or anaesthetised this will need to be a RVN.
  • Please have the patient clipped prior to my visit and rub in some ultrasound gel – I provide my own for the actual scan of course – but this greatly improves the images and also allows the case vet to assess what level of sedation will be required for the examination.
  • Please see the FAQs about requirements for sedation.
  • The VetArtis consent form needs to be completed with the client to obtain informed consent alongside the practices own consent form.

The case vet is in control of the case at all times and should do the client contact prior to and after the scan. An initial case discussion with the case vet will take place before the scan with reading of the history (if not already provided) and the patient examined; the ultrasound examination will be performed and any samples will be collected if this is pre-planned, then the clinical findings will be discussed with the case vet. A further detailed report will be sent by email within 24 hours and usually much quicker than this. You can see examples of case reports here.

I welcome the case vet to stay for the examination and scan but this is not a requirement though is often fun and a great way of topping up on CPD! As a GP vet myself, I avoid technical jargon and try to make the report suggestions as easy to understand as possible. You are welcome to ask any questions about the case if you find something is not clear or after receiving the results from any samples taken at the ultrasound examination.

VetArtis offers advanced and experienced medicine and ultrasound services by an Advanced Practitioner in medicine. We do not employ any RCVS Specialists and there are limitations to what diagnostics can be performed, for example a CT scan or endoscopic biopsies are very useful in diagnostic work-ups. We will discuss the case possibilities with the case vet – some of these services would be provided by the partner practice, other local practices or by referral to a diplomate Specialist.

Please contact me if you would like to chat about what I can offer and how it fits with your business. I look forward to meeting you and providing the highest quality care and service for your vets and clients.