Sample Reports

On this page, I have included a couple of sample reports (of real cases) to give you an idea of the value I give beyond just an ultrasound scan or a diagnosis.

The first part of the report is the technical part – you can choose not to read this as the pertinent points are compiled and explained in the summary section. The reason to include a detailed technical description of what was seen and the conclusions drawn from them is that if another person needs to do a follow up scan or the patient needs to be referred there is a clear description of the findings that can be referred to.

The summary then includes the main findings and discussion on the implications of these findings with suggestions for follow up testing, treatment and monitoring. For example, a heart scan report includes whether medication is indicated or not, what the medications should be and when a repeat heart scan would be appropriate. A medicine case might suggest and discuss further investigations or palliative routes. I write the summary in simpler language so you can use this with your client to explain what was found and what you recommend to happen next.