*** Advance notice of dates I’m unavailable for bookings and any contact (no mobile or internet access):

Friday 31st May to Friday 21st June with the period out of contact from Friday 31st May to Thursday 20th June, inclusive.

Thank you for your understanding.****

Veterinary professionals, please complete this booking request from to request the services of VetArtis. If you need to know my availability initially then please email me directly at

If your request is for an emergency visit then please telephone or WhatsApp Sarah on 07421320662 leaving your practice name and contact number. If your request is a life-threatening emergency and you do not hear back from me within 2 hours then please assume I cannot help at this time and find alternative help.

Pet owners, please contact your usual veterinary surgeon to organise a referral to VetArtis – please feel free to show your vet my details and discuss your requirements and preferences.

Thank you for referring a case to VetArtis and I look forward to working with you.

    Patient species

    Type of examination requested (can be multiple)
    Medicine consult and abdominal ultrasound scanThoracic ultrasoundEchocardiographyUltra-sound guided samplingRepeat ultrasound examinationOther