About VetArtis

VetArtis provides experienced and advanced medicine and ultrasound services for small animal practices in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. This is a visiting service, not a mobile veterinary practice. VetArtis services your clients in your practice, partnering with your team to provide an increased range of services that keeps the work in-house and is convenient for your clients.

VetArtis doesn’t provide just an ultrasound report from a technician. Ultrasonography is a skilled and technical diagnostic test which requires years of practice to obtain good quality information, but the attainment of images is only a small part of what is required. Unlike other diagnostic tests, ultrasound requires not just the technical skill to obtain the quality images and perform a thorough examination, but it also requires real-time image recognition and an understanding of the pathophysiology of wide range of conditions to ensure that the abnormal is recognised and the incidentalomas are not overinterpreted. Therefore the VetArtis service involves interpreting the findings in light of the case and using my medicine knowledge from my certificate in medicine to help formulate a plan for the case in discussion with the case vet – the report contains information to help you take the case forward in diagnostics and treatment.

Helping the vets to help the pets is a partnership between the practice and VetArtis.