Visiting advanced medicine, cardiology and ultrasound services

VetArtis provides experienced and advanced medicine, cardiology and ultrasound peripatetic services for small animal practices in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

As the business owner, clinical director or manager:

  • Is your practice short of vets or overwhelmed with work?
  • Are your vets stressed by complex medicine or cardiology cases, especially if they are inexperienced or having a crisis of confidence?
  • Does your practice lack a high-end ultrasound machine or someone with the experience to interpret the ultrasound examination to be clinically useful?
  • Would you like to not lose cases to referral when you know there is a middle ground between primary care and referral?
  • Would you like to service your clients better by providing more services in-house?

For the vets in practice:

  • Do you know a case needs an ultrasound scan but you or your practice doesn’t have the time, skills or equipment to provide it?
  • Do you feel out of your depth with a tricky medicine or cardiology case and you’d like someone with experience to help and guide you through the case?
  • Does the case need ultrasound guided biopsies but you’re not sure you want to do them?
  • Perhaps you do all these things in practice but the vet that usually does them is on leave, or just too busy?
  • Would you like to learn and gain CPD time while working up your case with an experienced vet?

Great news – I can help you!

VetArtis provides a new kind of veterinary service to small animal practices – a visiting, experienced, advanced medicine and ultrasound service. VetArtis services your clients in your practice, partnering with your team to provide an increased range of services that keeps the work in-house and is convenient for your clients.

This is not just a simple traveling ultrasound thing; I don’t just do some scans, hand over the images and walk away. Instead I use my skills as an ultrasonographer, Advanced Practitioner in medicine and my 20 years of experience in general practice to use these tools in a much better way – as a combined, holistic approach to provide a clinical interpretation with each ultrasound performed. I work with the case vets to take the case forward with diagnostics and treatment. This is why I call the practices I work with partner practices – I work with your vets to help the pets.

I currently cover Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire area based from HP23/Tring (see travel map).

If you would like to find out more or to sign up to be a partner practice, please register here using this form. I can then allow access to the partner practice parts of this website where further information such as pricing is available. Alternatively, you can email me directly at