Information Leaflets

This is a resource list of information leaflets to use in-house or to pass to clients. I request that you do not pass them off as your own or use them in other circumstances – lots of hard work has gone into preparing them and it part of the package of services I provide to partner practices.

Information Leaflets For Owners

General Information leaflet for owners . Explains what ultrasound is, what it can and can’t do, why sedation may be needed and why fur clipping is needed. I recommend you give this to every client in advance of the ultrasound booking as it will reduce the number of questions you may need to answer.

Risks of procedures – helps explain the general and specific risks of the procedures that might be undertaken on their pet. It is important for informed consent that owners know of these and are explained the risks in the procedures before they are carried out. If you are unsure of any the specific risks that may be involved then please contact me prior to the procedure appointment. You can hand this leaflet to the client or use it during discussion with clients as an aide-memoire.

Coughing dog with a heart murmur – coming soon.

Cat heart disease – feline cardiomyopathies – coming soon.

Valve disease in dogs – coming soon.

Information Leaflets For Vets

Feline cardiac therapies. A leaflet for vets which helps to help explain therapies for feline cardiac disease and the evidence behind them.

Liver biopsies – which and when. A leaflet for vets to help in the decision making process for liver biopsies.

The cardiac cough – what we know now.

Feline GIT lymphoma vs IBD – coming soon